‘ish is a simple distance and time till arrival notification system that takes the stress out of connections with friends, family and business associates. ‘ish displays distance between you and your connection in an easy to view map screen, then as you get closer to your destination ‘ish alerts both people of the others decreasing distance. On arrival ‘ish closes and disconnects the connection between each person.

By knowing how long before you and your connection meet up users can manage their time more efficiently while waiting.

Make Connections More Efficient

One of the most troubling problems people face today, is the unpredictability of waiting for other people when they are meeting up or getting picked up. You could have done that one last thing if you had known the person picking you up was still some far distance away. You could have tried that other outfit or finished that freshly made dinner. And if your the person picking up someone, now they know when you are going to be arriving so they can be walking out to the curb just as you pull up. No more circling the block or trying to find a place to park or get out of traffic. No more sitting in the car getting mad because they weren’t ready. With ‘Ish both people will feel at ease knowing how long they have till meeting up.